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Since the beginning, NTA has been characterized as a innovative company, both for the way of communication and for the use of technologies: actually we always chose a well defined kind of image with easy recognizable vehicles and employees. Moreover we decided to introduce the use of technologies in system installation so as telematic management and telematic control and also for the heating accounting, for wich, in 2006 we obtained the ISO 9000 Certification (one of the first certificated Company in Italy).

In general, the company prevalent mission is:
- Continuous extension and improvement of the service to the customer: ongoing improvement of the service proposing quality, timeliness and innovation, pointing the different needs of the customers, so to stand out from the competitors
- Permanent pursue of customer satisfaction: constant improving of the supplied service, through an increasing coordination and an organized and supported management.
- Job training and employees engagement to support operation culture directed to problem solving and customer satisfaction.

NTA has always been sensitive to the atmospheric degrade problem, so to adopt eco-save for a concrete air pollution reduce, as a philosophical way of working. Since 2004 NTA buys only methane fuelled vehicles.
In order to optimize the supplied service, and to be different than its competitors, NTA uses palmtop devices and a management software projected by its Engineers, so to get a better result and costs reduction at the same time.
These devices, through GSM connection can record the technician actions on every system and send them directly to the company industrial countability system.

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