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Since 25 years NTA works in the specific sectors of installation and maintenance of heating system both for civil and industry customers. The main vocation of the company has always been central centralized heating system ordinary and extra ordinary maintenance.

This service, as provided for by current regulation, means complete maintenance actions as required by the UNI prescription and in particular it means taking on the Third Responsible Role as written in the actual legislation.

As provided for by the foretold regulation, in 1998 NTA obtained UNI ESO 9002 certification (today UNI ESO 9001:2008) for air conditioning system installation and maintenance, so it’s authorized to get the Third Responsible Role for more than 350 KW systems.

Moreover NTA offers the heating management and the energy services, that means that it provides for global system management, taking charge of the costs for fuel (heating management) and at the same time, performing optimizing actions aimed to eco-save (energy service).

To industrial and tertiary sector, the Company offers a set of services (so called GLOBAL SERVICE) stepping forward to be the only qualified interlocutor, able to focus and achieve useful synergies, to improve production efficiency, reduce energy power consumption and environmental impact.
Both in new achievements and restoration of heating and air conditioning system, NTA works for civil and industry customers with its own specialized technicians.

If requested by the customer, NTA can install also water and sanitary and fire systems.

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