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NTA was born in 1981 as a maintenance heating system company, with a pretty small equipe. The owner Mr. Clementino Morigi, started the activity just with a burner operator technician and a half- time employee.

In the next years, the Company improved the technical sector experience, and increased its customers, becoming competitive also in heating system, air conditioning and refrigeration, both in civil and in industry sector, since 1986.

Today NTA, that is located in Ravenna, is managed by Mr. Clementino Morigi and his daughters Roberta and Paola. The staff involves 45 employees, and 33 are specialized technicians in different sectors.
NTA is also charter member of ARCO LAVORI, one of the most important association of businesses in Emilia Romagna, working in Italy.

As told before, NTA was born as a technological system maintenance company in general, and in heating systems in the specific. Today the maintenance services still cover the 40-45 % invoice balance.

Since the origin of the Company, the know-how evolved and upgraded, thanks to a better and more optimal organization of the employees structure, so to guarantee rapid, precise and efficient service, thanks to its own specialized technicians (burner operators, refrigerator technicians, electricians and hydraulic engineers), to a updated vehicle fleet, so as provided for by low-exhaust -emission law and to the use of specific technologies that optimize managing, planning and registration of services.

In addition to maintenance, NTA works on new heating system installation, air conditioning, refrigeration, telematic managing and heating accounting.
The Company works in the sector of environmental air conditioning and heating, using only extreme reliability brands, both for steady technological update and for the careful assistance after sell.
We are extremely careful in choosing machineries provided with the most sophisticated technologies, that guarantee excellent results in civil, commercial and industrial systems.

Concerning refrigeration, NTA works both in restoration and in new buildings, referring in particular to food refrigeration system with centralized gas systems in large retailers so as supermarkets, hypermarkets, shopping centers.

A staff of specialized technicians allow the Company to manage any kind of refrigeration and air conditioning system, since the projecting stage.

As provided for law, NTA is certificated as Company Quality System since 1998 for “ Air conditioning and refrigeration system installation and maintenance“, and since 2006 also for “heat accounting “.


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